Health care for homeless adults

What: A social enterprise to deliver primary health care services to homeless and other socially excluded people

Who: Jane Gray – Consultant Nurse

Approach: Prevention

Location: Inclusion Healthcare Social Enterprise CIC, Leicestershire and Rutland

Speciality: Learning disability and offender health

What initiative or project are you involved in?

The enterprise works in partnership with both health and non-health agencies to improve patient pathways for homeless people who become ill, avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions for this group of patients.

Since 2010, the team has delivered a complete range of primary health care services to adults with moderate and severe learning disabilities, including health education, promotion and screening.

Inclusion Healthcare is a social enterprise jointly run by a nurse and a doctor.

What prompted the work?

The team has identified that homeless people with learning disabilities may die from manageable long-term conditions.

What are the long-term objectives?

The aim is to improve health outcomes for this group of patients by ensuring timely interventions and proactive care.