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Nursing staff work in almost every stage and setting of health and social and as such they have a crucial role across a wide range of public health interventions.

The RCN web site has a dedicated area on public health with resources specific to some of the specialist areas and particular areas of concern.

It is inherent on all nursing roles to include an element of public health in supporting people to maximise their health. Supporting people to adopt healthier lifestyles. Supporting people with long term conditions to manage their health and promote self care as much as possible is part of nursing. The RCN resource on ‘Supporting behavior change’ has been developed to give nursing staff the skills to do this.

The Framework for personalised care and population health has been developed across the UK to help support this.

Public Health nurses range from; specialists in sexual health and drug and alcohol or health protection and those working in particular areas of practice such as travel and tuberculosis. To those working with people at a particular point in their lives such as Health Visitors and School Nurses working with children and families and Occupational health nurses supporting the working population.

This resource is designed to give a sense of the breadth and diversity of Public Health roles. Please see here for the RCN report ‘The Value and Contribution of Nursing to Public Health in the UK.’

The Health Careers web site provides further information on public health nursing as a career.


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